Tom's 2014 Nissan AAM Competition GT650-R Build


Even before the vehicle was received at the dealership, Tom knew that his impending GT-R purchase could not remain satisfyingly stock.  After numerous consultations with AAM Competition’s sales team, it was decided that the heavily sought after and popular AAM Competition GT650-R Power Package was the clear strategy to execute.  After completing the purchase of his brand new GT-R, Tom brought his pristinely stock 2014 Track Edition GT-R to AAM Competition so the full potential of the OEM turbochargers could be released.  The AAM Competition GT650-R Power Package includes key upgrades to specifically accomplish this task including an intake upgrade and a full exhaust upgrade to increase flow, larger injectors to better feed the GT-R’s engine, stronger iridium spark plugs, and an engine management system to tie everything together.
After being under the careful care of AAM Competition’s installation team and upon competition of a full dyno session by AAM Competition’s master tuner, on only stock turbochargers and 93 octane pump gas, Tom’s GT-R generated a powerful 564whp and 520ftlbs of torque, 
respectively over 650 crank horsepower. 
The 100+ horsepower jump in power and instant spool of the stock turbochargers really make Tom’s GT-R come to life and is a total blast to drive!
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Alicia 01/23/18 03:12:27 PM

This GT-R would not have been a dyno ruler, so the transmission would need to have the capacity to get hammered Do my Assignment it was chosen that an AAM Competition Stage 4 transmission construct would be great. Using the Dodson ProMax+ Clutch, this transmission ws worked to deal with the real power Isaac's GT-R is prepared to do now.

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