Twin Turbo 370Z x2

AAM Competition Builds 2 Nissan 370Z Twin Turbos

The cars arrived to us on a tow truck. Both cars hardly driven since the day they were born, even retaining a window sticker from the dealership.

Not before long, the cars were in the shop with the engines on the floor. With the engine's out, we can get straight to the good stuff, fitting the VQ37VVEL engines with a pair of Greddy 20G Turbos.

The suspension wasn't ignored with the build, the factory coilovers were replaced in favor of more advanced KW Variant 3 units. Both the Nismo and the Sport model were fitted with this coilover kit.

The new turbos installed on the motor are a beautiful thing. The Greddy 20G turbos are large enough to flow massive amounts of horsepower, yet sized appropriately to avoid annoying turbo lag found in other turbo upgrade kits on the market.

Here's a familiar site. The bright red illuminated Defi gauges look right at home in the factory gauge bezels. Boost, exhaust gas temp, and oil temperature can all be monitored simultaneously with this setup.

This intercooler is so beautiful, it's a shame it has to be covered up by the front bumper. The next few pictures give you a real idea of how large the core really is.

With the engine back in the car, it's only from underneath we're able to see the large turbodownpipes and open wastegates.

At the end of the journey, the cars end up on our dyno machine, ready to be tuned. The Nismo finished with a stellar 536 RWHP and the Sport finished with an equally impressive 491 RWHP.

Be sure to check out our video clip of the entire build on YouTube.

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