Isaac's 2009 Nissan AAM Competition GT1200-R Build

When factory frame turbos are not enough in your GT-R, you know you are ready for a monster. Isaac’s 2009 GT-R was equipped with AAM Competition GT800-R Turbochargers making 777whp on a stock motor, but that just was not enough. In less than five thousand miles, the GT-R was back at AAM Competition with a goal of 1000+whp. After deciding to go with the AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbocharger System upgrade, the motor was dropped and the build was ready to begin!

Isaac wanted to keep the 3.8L engine size and he wanted reliable power, so he decided to go with an AAM Competition Stage II Longblock Package and Stage I Heads Package. AAM Competition's custom specification pistons bump compression to 9.5:1. The AAM Competition Stage I Head package utilizes Kelford "B" camshafts and a full Ferrea valvetrain allowing this beast to have a 7800rpm redline. With the help of an upgraded intake manifold, the car made 1192whp - that equates to an astonishing 1380hp at the engine!

To put this kind of power to the asphalt, it was clear the transmission was going to have to be beefed up. This GT-R wasn’t going to be a dyno queen, so the transmission would have to be able to take a beating. It was decided that an AAM Competition Stage 4 transmission build would be perfect. Utilizing the Dodson ProMax+ Clutch, this transmission ws built to handle the major power Isaac's GT-R is capable of now.

Starting out with the AAM Competition GT650-R Premium Performance Package, to the AAM Competition GT800-R Premium Performance Package, now transformed to the AAM Competition GT1200-R Premium Performance Package we must say this has been one lucky GT-R! With its history we have a feeling that this GT-R is not finished and look forward to what’s next for Isaac and his GT-R.

To view this build in PDF, please click here.

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victoria 12/04/17 10:52:43 AM

Furthermore, you will require significantly bigger brakes to control the auto. I take a shot at a clients 625 hp on dashing fuel that auto has over $30,000 adjustments The custom tuner shop had the motor in and out (exploded) three times previously they got the correct mix of fuel injectors and cylinders and PC tuning so on the off chance that you need the motor to last more than a few increasing speeds

Ember 02/16/18 07:48:30 AM

Nissan has been doing it over and over again from the time they introduced their first car, they made their name known to everyone around the globe. Sadly within my country, Nissan isn't promoted and we don't see that much of Nissan cars(i don't know why).
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