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AAM Competition In-house Dyno Tune with UpRev Flash Service


ECM tuning is necessary to bring out the most out of your basic bolt ons, or required when going forced induction. Depending on the application, the tune itself can net as much power as all your bolt ons combined (basic N/A bolt ons). The flat rate of $699 includes a 2 hour dyno tune session, as well as the UpRev Flash license. Additional time is charged at $150/hr. Tax will be applied where applicable.

At AAM Competition we have a Dynojet 242 AWD dyno. With the 242, load tests can be performed including step, sweep and loaded roll on. Closed loop load testing is also available by targeting engine RPM.

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Tuning checklist:

This checklist was put together to better the flow of your tuning session(s). Any mechanical or electrical fixes that needs to be made during your tuning sessions will be assessed and charged accordingly for a proper tuning session. The tuner has complete discrepancy to cancel any tuning session if he finds the mechanical/electrical issues major enough to hinder the tune

  • Make sure your engine is in good shape! Compression numbers should be within 10-15 psi variance between cylinders and leakdown test should show under 10% leakdown between cylinders.
  • Fluids! Double check all your fluids to make sure they are at their respective levels. If the fluid is old, change out for fresh fluids before your tune. Also make sure there are no leaks (fuel, oil, coolant, etc)
  • Gas! Please make sure your car arrives with sufficient amount of fuel!
  • Does your car have any cooling issues? Cars that overheat or cannot get up to proper temperatures will not be able to tune
  • Please double check to make sure there are no vacuum/boost leaks. Do not use inferior rubber hoses, t bolt clamps are always recommended for high boost applications
  • For proper AFR readings, we require an o2 bung before the cat, this bung must be welded and grinded properly on the inside of the exhaust for proper seating of the sensor. If this is not present, we can use the tail pipe sniffer; however this is not as accurate when trying to tune the low RPM tables
  • If there are any exhaust leaks anywhere near or before the o2 bung then make sure those are fixed.
  • If your car is throwing a CEL, please pull the code and make sure it is nothing major. Some CELs can be disabled via UpRev
  • Show up on time! We value your time as much as we do ours, and we want your tuning session to flow as smoothly as possible!
  • Bring at least 1 extra set of spark plugs to the tuning session, this is not always essential but always a good measure.
  • If you don't know exactly which plugs will suit your application then contact us and we will help you make a decision on it.


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