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AAM Competition R35 GT-R R-Line Triple Pump Fuel System

The AAM Competition Triple Pump Fuel System is a complete turn key fuel system for your high power R35 GT-R. Using three "485" E85 compatible fuel pumps, we have engineered an easy to install system that is a complete drop in upgrade, including pre-wired harnesses, fully assembled and terminated fuel lines, and billet fuel rails that can support up to 2000HP.

  • Complete fuel solution for GT-R's making 1000 up to 2000hp
  • AAM Competition Billet Fuel Pump Assembly - completely replaces the factory unit
  • AAM Competition Triple Walbro "485" fuel pumps
  • Run 1 Primary/2 Secondary Pumps or 2 Primary/1 Secondary Pump
  • AAM Competition Billet Black Anodized Fuel Rails
  • E85 Compatible 10 Micron Filter
  • Teflon -10 AN fuel feed lines
  • Teflon -8 AN fuel return lines
  • Plug & Play wiring harness with E85 safe wires and connectors
  • Viton O-Rings
  • Pump gas, race gas, and E85 compatible
  • Full instructions for easy installation
  • Fits all 09+ R35 GT-R

  • For GT-R owners who want the best in fuel supply on their vehicle the AAM Competition R-Line Triple Pump Fuel System is the ultimate fuel system.

    *Patent Pending

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    Technology advances have evolved the Nissan GT-R well past 1000hp. Proven recipes for the engine, transmission, and turbochargers have helped propel the GT-R past this grand milestone.

    With such high power ample fuel supply is required for safe and reliable operation. Unlike the engine, transmission, and turbochargers, until now there has not been a definitive solution for a safe, reliable, and quiet fuel system capable of supporting extreme power. Many one-off systems have been designed but at great cost and with significant limiting factors including cutting the factory trunk area/interior to accommodate a surge setup, fuel permeation (inability to park the GT-R in closed quarters, such as a garage), fuel temperature overheating, factory fuel level gauge not working properly, and more.

    Seeking a better solution for our clients, AAM Competition, LLC set out to engineer the ultimate GT-R Fuel System. The design requirements were set: The system needed to supply enough fuel for 2000hp to satisfy the most advanced GT-R builds – without any limitations. With vehicles running various fuels, specifically E85 and E89, the setup had to be compatible with all fuel types and resist any corrosion. The design also needed to be free flowing, eliminating bottlenecks present with the factories plastic in-tank fuel assembly. Simplicity, easy configuration, and plug and play installation would be instrumental to making AAM Competition’s ultimate fuel solution.

    The Ultimate GT-R Fuel System is born – The AAM Competition R-Line Triple Pump Fuel System

    Walbro is the leading manufacturer of proven high performance fuel pumps. With the update of Walboro’s high performance 400lph (liters per hour) pumps for E85 compatibility, these pumps became the obvious choice to integrate into our fuel systems’ design. To meet our 2000hp target we would need to use three pumps. This left one significant design criteria – how will we fit three large fuel pumps in an area originally designed for two small fuel pumps?

    The in house engineering team at AAM Competition discarded the entire factory fuel pump assembly and completely engineered a new, two part design. Not only will this revolutionary design allow us to integrate the three larger 400lph fuel pumps, the two part design allows for easy installation, adjustability and ultimately better reliability. The newly engineered pump assembly houses the triple fuel pumps and channels the pressurized fuel into a 10AN output. The tank bulkhead seals off the tank from the outside and has pass-through 10AN ports for feed and return lines as well as a fuel safe connector interface to channel power and signal wires from the cabin into the fuel tank. All aluminum components are anodized to prevent corrosion from ethanol fuels, ensuring long term durability.

    Straight Forward - Easy Installation

    Installation is easy. The AAM Competition Triple Pump Fuel System is a complete replacement for the OEM fuel tank assembly unit, making installation painless. To further simplify the installation the AAM Competition Triple Pump Fuel System comes pre-assembled, ready to replace the OEM unit.

    Plug & Play

    The OE level sender is retained in the original location with a new mount. A heavy duty, fuel safe connector is used to channel the wiring into the tank for the level sender and pumps. The connector seals the connection and contains the fumes and fuel inside the tank. A simple relay system is included and is triggered just like the OEM pumps. The wiring harness has pins that plug directly into the OEM connectors - no cutting or splicing is necessary of any OEM lines. The large 6 gauge wire with a fuse supplies power directly from the battery ensuring consistent and stable power.

    R-Line Fuel Rails + Lines + 1:1 Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Supplying steady flow of fuel to the engine at all times is critical. OEM lines are small and restrictive and need to be upgraded for 900-1000+ horsepower.

    The AAM Competition R-Line Fuel Rails + Lines feature 10AN Feed lines and 8AN Return lines for optimal flow. Using high grade, flexible Teflon fuel hoses make installation and routing of lines easy, and also seals in unwanted fuel fumes (unlike many aftermarket fuel systems, this system is “garage” friendly).

    AN fittings and hose ends are used all around for a safe seal. Fuel is channeled through twin AAM Competition R-Line 6061 billet aluminum rails, anodized for corrosion resistance. The larger bore in the rails further eliminated bottlenecks in the system allowing for superior fuel flow. Aeromotive Pro-Series EFI 1:1 Fuel Regulator is used to control the flow of fuel, providing a regulated flow of fuel for a factory like smooth idle. The line kits were designed to promote flow as much as possible, there are no “neck downs”, completely eliminating restrictions.

    The AAM Competition R-Line Triple Pump Fuel System is the ultimate fuel solution for the Nissan GT-R. Easy installation, plug-and-play, proven.

    Testimonial: Member: godzila2009 (Horsepower goal 1200hp) – “Pumps already installed!!!!!!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! PERFECT FIT!!! Easy installation!!!!!!!!! I am very excited to make big power using E85 without having to use a surge tank and a big noisy pump as I used to. Thanks team AAMC for the opportunity to test these pumps. A.T”


    The AAM Competition Triple Pump Fuel System is a complete replacement of the OEM Unit with no modifying or piecing together. Our system is per-assembled for easy installation and is integrated with the OEM siphon system. Anodized billet 6061 aluminum is the metal of choice for this high flow fuel kit. Our fuel kit was also engineered for pump gas, race gas, and E85 using materials and coatings to best protect components and ensure best longevity. We upgraded to Teflon lines for maximum performance and safety. A secondary benefit of utilizing Telfon lines if their resistance to fuel permeation, so vs. other kits on the market you will be able to park your GT-R in a garage without having the garage have a pungent fuel smell. Other features include mounting for OEM level sender, pump mounting is rubber insulated for better noise isolation, easy installation with our custom wiring harnesses, and AN fittings for tight and secure seals, which include 10AN feed and 8AN return fittings for maximum fuel flow.

    *Patent Pending


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