One way Nissan sets apart the Sport model of the 370z is by equipping them with VLSD from factory vs the open differential equipped in the Base and Touring models. The importance of a limited slip differential typically slips between the cracks of car mods and is quickly forgotten about. It doesn't take much to break the tires loose on a 370z, and your factory VDC will only correct but so much, what makes it worst is with the open diff, one wheel will spin more than the other! Whether you want to call this unsafe for bad weather driving, or launching at the track, without a doubt this prevents the 370z to put down the maximum amount of power from the hole.

Quaife makes a drop in LSD differential for the Base and Touring models, although not the cheapest, this piece has nothing but positive reviews all throughout the internet as the company specializes in differentials! To insure proper care and maintenance, we went the extra mile to replace the differential carrier bearings and oil seals, along with fresh 75w90 differential fluid. Believe it or not, at 22k Kevin's diff fluid was not pretty! Below is a picture of the factory open differential vs the Quaife ATB LSD differential!

Here is a review from Kevin himself posted on

The good folks at AAM COMPETITION performed the installation of the Quaife LSD on my Z.

Mine is a 2009 Touring (no-sport package). The opinion I'm giving is based on going from a car with an open diff to the Quaife LSD. I can't comment on going from the sport model equipped VLSD to the Quaife LSD.

Onto the good stuff. The difference is tremendous. If I had to put it into words I would call it "confidence inspiring" and it really allows me to enjoy the car even more. I will state without doubt this would be first modification out of the bunch if I had it to do over again.

I would also always drive with the VDC on. Now, thats only be on during the rain or snow. To give you an idea of how bad I felt about keeping traction I would purposely avoid being lined up first at a red light against cars even significantly slower than the Z simply because it was so damn difficult to get on the throttle hard with that open diff. Sure part of that is me but thats how much bad I thought about it to avoid being the 1st car sitting at the red light. None of that matters anymore, it was 38 degrees out nobody was out on the road with me so I got to try several very hard road launches, I was jumping on the throttle about 75% and just holding it there for about half a sec and then stomping it and hitting second gear. did this severals times, felt like grip had improved by 300% seriously. Could barely feel either tire lose any grip at all. even when it does start to slip it's like the grip comes back almost instantly. I can't tell you how different it is from the open diff start to slip, you could feel the tire inside the car just flopping or whatever, just made you sad. that crap is gone thankfully, this thing hooks up and rolls now. I am going to try just stomping on it from a dead stop to see how that reacts but I image that should break it loose but it'll be fun

as for sound I can't even tell it's there. there is no clunking/clanking and driving around slow in heavy traffic or accelerating hard or highway driving no noticeable difference in sound that I can detect.

Haven't really done any hard acceleration coming out of corners yet but just from the few exits I've zipped around with moderate throttle, still no different noises but something does feel a bit different, I honestly don't know what it is and it feels good like the car weighing more on the outside tire or something to that effect, it's weird, it feels great I just can't put my finger on exactly what is different in the corners but getting on and off the throttle during the corner feels steady and confident. Like I said though I wasn't trying to hammer around any of the exits at this point.

so, to me at least, this is worth every penny.I imagine I can still light em up if I really wanted to smash the throttle from a dead stop and maybe once in awhile yeah. This traction thing though, awesome.

Factory OEM open differential vs Quaife ATB LSD differential


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