Client Vehicles » Nissan 370Z GReddy Twin Turbo (Auto)

The next car to come out of the performance import factory at AAM Competition is a 2010 370Z 7AT. This build is unique in a sense that very few car builders anywhere in the US had upgraded an automatic 370Z with forced induction. But having built Twin Turbo automatic HR 350Zs and G37s in the past, we knew we were up to the task. What we ended with was a great street car that is, dare we say, more enjoyable than a traditional manual transmission. We know, blasphemy right? But it's hard to say for sure, and you'd have to drive this car for yourself to know where we are coming from. Maybe some of you will be inclined to built your automatic 370Z in the same fashion. Until that time, these pictures and a short video clip will have to suffice.


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