370Z in Snow


Winter is upon us and the snow has started falling. We have compiled a few great tips that will help you get through the cold.


Antifreeze helps protect against freezing in cold temperatures. It’s important to make sure your over flow is checked (while the motor is cool) and topped off if needed. Generally, a 50:50 coolant to water ratio is used.


Check wiper blades and replace if cracks/tears are visible. When a snowstorm hits, visibility is decreased. Having worn out wiper blades can make it more difficult to see what is ahead. We also recommend filling up your washer fluid reservoir with a de-icer solution. One of the most important factors of driving in inclement weather is planning for stops and turns, and being able to spot other vehicles on the road.


Tread depth plays a big factor in the amount of grip you have in slippery conditions. Each tire should have no less than 4/32” of remaining tread. Replace all worn tires and if do a lot of winter weather driving, you may want to invest in set of snow tires. It is also important to check that all tires have the correct tire pressure. 


Cold temperatures can zap your battery and leave you stranded. It’s important to have a mechanic test and inspect your battery, cables and charging system. If your battery does need to be replaced, it’s best to install the largest one you can find with the most cold cranking amps. 


Inspect belts and hoses as cold weather can cause weak belts to break and hoses to crack. If a hose or belt does fail it can leave you stranded without heat.


Running your car on empty is never a good idea but it’s even more important to keep the tank full in the winter. When the tank levels are lower it’s possible for condensation to build up and water can actually get into your fuel lines. If the water freezes in the lines it can require expensive repairs and leave you stranded.


One of the easiest things to provide safety in your winter travels is to have an emergency kit available. Here is a list of what should be included:





Ice Scraper

Jumper Cables

Wiper Fluid

Engine Oil



We hope these tips help and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.  


AAM Competition is a state of the art performance and manufacturing facility that caters to the Nissan GT-R, 370Z, 350Z and the Infiniti G35 and G37. We provide regular service maintenance, pre purchase inspections, complete performance builds, dyno tuning and so much more.


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