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AAM Competition GT-R S-Line Twim Pump Fuel System


Supported Applications:

Nissan R35 GT-R


  AAM Competition R35 GT-R S-Line Fuel System



The AAM Competition GT-R S-Line Fuel System is the perfect fuel system for GT-R's making up to 1200hp.


All high horsepower engines require an ample amount of fuel for the horsepower to be reliable. The GT-R VR38DETT is no exception. Not everyone is reaching for 2000hp, many GT-R's are built for street comfort or road-race applications and target up to 1200hp. AAM Competition has designed an easy to install fuel solution that is perfect for GT-R's making between 650 to 1200hp.


Easy upgrade with OEM Integration, no need to hack up the OEM fuel housing


Installing larger fuel pumps into the GT-R's factory fuel assembly unit is a tedious process, requiring the unit to be modified & hacked up to fit and hold larger fuel pumps. This is not a reliable long term solution and fuel delivery failure can result.


Plug and Play - Easy Installation!  


The AAM Competition GT-R S-Line Fuel System takes the guess work out of installing larger fuel pumps. Utilizing a CAD designed laser cut stainless fuel assembly enclosure, two larger fuel pumps are properly and securely mounted inside the factory fuel tank. A Plug & Play strategy utilizes OEM feed and return ports, OEM wiring harnesses, and the factory fuel siphon system are retained to further boost reliability. There is also an option to upgrade the fuel rails and lines.  All in an easy to install package. 


All components are proven E85 safe including the stainless enclosure, anodized aluminum and submersible hose.  





The Walbro "485" E85 compliant fuel pumps are proven to reliably deliver fuel. These are the pumps that deliver a combined 1,500+hp worth of fuel in the AAM Competition GT-R R-Line Triple Pump System. Utilizing twin Walbro "485" pumps, the AAM Competition GT-R S-Line Fuel System supplies up to 1000hp worth of fuel on E85. The pumps are set in a laser cut stainless enclosure and mounted with CNC milled components to ensure a perfect fit and years of seamless operation. 




Summary of Features:

  • Designed for GT-R's making 650hp up to 1200hp (1000hp on E85)
  • DualWalbro E85 485lph pumps - capable of 1200hp (1000hp on E85) 
  • Quiet & reliable fuel delivery
  • Perfect for street, road race & drag race applications
  • Includes Adjustable 1:1 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Fully enclosed and always submerged in fuel - mimics the OEM in-tank surge setup
  • Precision laser cut stainless casing, E85 submersible hose, CNC aluminum parts
  • Uses OEM tank bulkhead, fuel lines and integrates seamlessly with the siphon system
  • Optional Fuel Rail and Line Upgrade 
  • Pump gas, race gas, or E85 
  • Plug and play Installation
  • CAD designed
  • Made in the USA


MSRP $1995


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  S Line Fuel System Render

* If your power goals are 900hp - 1200hp we recommend the optional fuel rail and line kit upgrade.


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