Sometimes 875hp at the engine is just not enough. After only a couple months of enjoyment with his AAM Competition GT800-R Premium Package tuned to 754whp (875 engine hp), Michael is back at AAM Competition and is ready for more. This time, the goals are even higher; this GT-R is going to need to not only run circles around his Ferrari 612 - it needs to make 1000hp, while still being able to be daily driven. To achieve Michael’s new goal, stock manifold turbochargers are no longer an option. Hearing the news of the latest range of AAM Competition Turbocharger Systems being released, Michael knew that was exactly what he wanted next. The AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbocharger System is a new & innovative GT-R turbocharger system that replaces the entire factory GT-R manifold/turbocharger assembly. Utilizing highly engineered stainless cast manifolds and state of the art turbochargers, this system is capable of providing 1200hp with lightening fast turbo response for impressive spool & mid-range torque. In completing Michael’s GT-R conversion to full AAM Competition GT1200-R Premium Package specification, the new turbos are paired with an AAM Competition R-Line Triple Fuel Pump System, larger injectors, and upgraded MAP sensors. The AAM Competition Stage 3 Transmission, from his AAM Competition GT800-R build, is going to be enough to handle his new power on the street, but the stock motor is going to need to be built. To run 1000+hp reliably, an AAM Competition Stage II Longblock Package is paired with an AAM Competition Stage II head package. Custom 9.5:1 compression pistons, Kelford B cams, and ported heads combine to help make 1027whp (1191 engine hp!) on E85, while being able to rev out to 7800rpm! We provided Michael with 3 different tunes, per his request. He has a 93octane tune that he uses for long road trips when ethanol is not readily available. Normally he uses his every day E85 tune and, at the push of a button, has his all out race tune for when more is just not enough. Michael sums it up best - “The AAM Competition GT1200-R Premium Package is truly spectacular. This is the third stage in AAM Competition’s modification of my car. I think it’s pretty remarkable that it went from 755WHP to 1000WHP and actually became a smoother, more tractable car that is really a pleasure to drive. And, of course, it’s massively more explosive as well. Mike and Jeremy and the rest of the staff were a pleasure to deal with. I use my GTR to commute into Manhattan about half the week so drivability is very important to me. If I hit traffic, I just switch her into automatic, turn down the exhaust and the transmission (in my case a Stage 3 build) babies me. The AAM Competition GT1200-R kit is a tremendous piece of engineering: diabolical stupid-fast when you want a pick-me-up and cream puff easy when you just want to relax. Congrats to AAM Competition, they’ve got something special here” - Michael 2013 GT-R


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