A’s 2014 GT-R checked in at AAM Competition with less than 500 miles. He was showroomstock and wanted to get a jumpstart on his competition. After already owning a 700 horsepowerFord Lightning, A knew he wanted power, but wanted to keep things safe. He decided with anAAM Competition GT650-R Premium Performance Package. On stock turbos and an E85 tune,A’s GT-R finished with a peak of 606 whp and 583 ft lbs of torque! That made for one fun car todrive, but it just wasn’t enough


Less than 1,000 miles later, A’s GT-R was back and this time, it was ready to really make power.He upgraded to the AAM Competition GT800-R Premium Performance Package which includesa Front Mount Intercooler and 3” Full Intercooler Piping Kit to help keep the air cool for his newAAM Competition GT800-R Turbochargers. Upgraded injectors alone wouldn’t be enough fuel,so he added the brand new AAM Competition S-Line Twin Pump Fuel System. To be safe, healso upgraded his transmission to an AAM Competition Stage 2.5, which will allow him to effectively put the power to the street without worry.

At the end of Round 2, A’s GT-R was making an astonishing 908 engine horsepower, which isknown to be the limit for the factory motor, so it was tuned back. It is now making 754 whp and651 ft lbs of torque, safely!

We are looking forward to helping A with the next step, his motor build.


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