Client Vehicles » AAM GT650-R Upgrade - 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

Excitement. Exuberant joy. Some of the words we used to describe the emotions when we saw this car come of the delivery trailer. Another 2012 GT-R, but not just any 2012. A 2012 Black Edition. The Black Edition GT-R adds unique black and red interior combination, lightweight forged Rays wheels, similar to the ones found on the Spec V and Egoist model GT-Rs. We weren't going to modify this car too extensively, just enhance it with basic bolt on upgrades. From the front of the car, we added AAM Competition S Line intakes, fuel injectors and colder spark plugs from HKS. The intake upgrades improve the GT-R's performance efficiency, as well as increasing throttle response. Fuel injectors and colder spark plugs are critical in the search for more power, as they allow the tuner the freedom to tune the car more aggressively for optimum performance. The exhaust components were the next components to be upgraded, with everything behind the factory turbochargers replaced in favor of AAM Competition parts. The turbo downpipes, midpipe, and rear exhaust section were all upgraded to AAM Competition products. All of these upgrades combined with a Cobb AccessPort and dyno tune do enough to take the GT-R from really fast to silly fast. A combination of road and dyno tuning finalized any driving imperfections the GT-R might have after the all new parts were installed. Final horsepower output at the drive wheels is a modest 563 and the wheel torque figure around 613. This translates to about 660 engine horsepower, plenty horsepower and torque to get this car to speed and keep it moving. You would be hard pressed to chase down this car to catch a glimpse.


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