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Kevin B.
2009 Nissan 370Z 7AT.

Before (with all mods untuned) – 307 whp 253 ft lbs of torque.
After (UpRev tune) - 317 whp 266 ft lbs of torque

Kevin’s baseline was done with all of the above parts installed on the factory tune, and the blue line is the result after the UpRev tune. His 370z is the first car to debut our unofficially released AAM Competition Cold Air Intake. The purpose of the tune is to extract the most “power under the curve” possible which calls for more readily available power. UpRev tunes are great for an overall power increase throughout the whole power band.

Update 3/2/13: One way Nissan sets apart the Sport model of the 370z is by equipping them with VLSD from factory vs the open differential equipped in the Base and Touring models. The importance of a limited slip differential typically slips between the cracks of car mods and is quickly forgotten about. It doesn't take much to break the tires loose on a 370z, and your factory VDC will only correct but so much, what makes it worst is with the open diff, one wheel will spin more than the other! Whether you want to call this unsafe for bad weather driving, or launching at the track, without a doubt this prevents the 370z to put down the maximum amount of power from the hole. Quaife makes a drop in LSD differential for the Base and Touring models, although not the cheapest, this piece has nothing but positive reviews all throughout the internet as the company specializes in differentials! To insure proper care and maintenance, we went the extra mile to replace the differential carrier bearings and oil seals, along with fresh 75w90 differential fluid. Believe it or not, at 22k Kevin's diff fluid was not pretty! Below is a picture of the factory open differential vs the Quaife ATB LSD differential!

Mods List:
  • AAM Competition S-Line/R-Line Intakes
  • AAM Competition 2.5” High Flow Cats
  • AAM Competition 2.5” True Dual Exhaust System
  • Motordyne M370 Intake Manifold
  • AAM Competition UpRev Dyno Tuning
  • Quaife ATB LSD Differential installed 3/2/13


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