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AAM Competition GT-R GR6 Stage 4 Transmission Upgrade (1000 ft/lbs torque)


AAM Competition GT-R GR6 Transmission Build includes:

  • PPG HD Full Gear Set 1-6 and Input Shaft
  • DODSON PROMAX ALLOY Piston 1000FT/LB Clutch Kit
  • Super HD clutch basket for 1,3,5,R
  • Super HD clutch basket for 2,4,6
  • HD piston and "seal for life" for 1,3,5,R
  • HD piston and "seal for life" for 2,4,6 and mechanical circlip
  • High Temp piston shaft seals
  • 10 GT-R friction discs
  • 10 GT-R steels
  • End Shims
  • DODSON HD FWD Gear Lock
  • DODSON HD Mechanical Circlip (Main Shaft)
  • DODSON HD Mechanical Circlip (Cluster Shaft)
  • DODSON Oil Pump Upgrade & Blueprint
  • Selector Piston Shims
  • DODSON High Strength Magnet Kit
  • DODSON Re-Usable Transmission Filter
  • Nissan GT-R Threebond 1217H
  • Nissan GR6 Transmission Pan Gasket
  • Internal Transmission Labor:Clutch Side and Gearbox. Includes required piston housing machining for ProMax Seal for Life & shop supplies.
  • (Note: Dodson Transmission Fluid IS NOT included in this package - sold separately)

Additional Options:

  • Dodson Standard ProMax
  • Dodson 1-6 gears instead of PPG
  • Dodson line pressure Sensors
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10 Plate clutch kit, this kit is used in cars with big power and the owner wanting to break records and be sure the clutch is going to handle his future developments. Comes complete with our billet high tensile steel clutch baskets and pistons as well as Dodson Motorsport/Exedy patented friction discs and heat treated steel and shims.

Due to changing exchange rates, we cannot set a fixed price on staged transmission builds. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate!

Average turn around time per transmission build: 2-3 weeks


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