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AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbocharger Sport Upgrade Package


AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbocharger Sport Upgrade Package:

  • AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbocharger Upgrade
  • AAM Competition 3" R-Line Intake
  • AAM Competition Non Resonated Midpipe
  • AAM Competition Race Downpipes
  • AAM Competition 90mm Sport Exhaust
  • AAM Competition Tial IC Pipe kit
  • AAM Competition S-Line Front Mount Intercooler Kit
  • AAM Competition R-Line Oil Cooling System
  • AAM Competition GT-R R-Line Fuel System
  • 1300cc Injectors w/ Clips
  • HKS Superfire Spark Plugs (x6)
  • AAM Competition 4.0 BAR MAP Sensor
  • COBB AccessPORT w/ TCM Capability
  • AAM Competition E-Tune
Pricing: $28,595.00

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The AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbo System is a complete kit that seamlessly integrates with AAM Competition (or most popular aftermarket) components and is a direct upgrade to the factory turbocharger setup.

Complete with everything needed to replace the factory turbochargers, the AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbo System comes with twin Stainless Cast Tubular Manifolds, Garrett GTX Turbochargers, Tial MVR Wastegates, Stainless Downpipes, Turbo Inlet Piping, Lower Intercooler Piping, Pre- Assembled and Fully Terminated Braided Oil Lines, Pre-Assembled and Fully Terminated Coolant Lines (complete with a special upgraded CNC'd distribution block), Pre-Assembled and Fully Terminated Braided Boost Lines, Heat Shielding, and more.

Add our optional Wastegate Cooling Line Kit to help keep temperatures down when road racing or driving in similar conditions. Another option available to help keep temperatures down is our Black Ceramic Coating.

"The AAM Competition GT1200-R Premium Package is truly spectacular. This is the third stage in AAM Competition's modification of my car. I think it's pretty remarkable that it went from 755WHP to 1000WHP and actually became a smoother, more tractable car that is really a pleasure to drive. And, of course, it's massively more explosive as well. Mike and Jeremy and the rest of the staff were a pleasure to deal with. I use my GTR to commute into Manhattan about half the week so drivability is very important to me. If I hit traffic, I just switch her into automatic, turn down the exhaust and the transmission (in my case a Stage 2.5 build) babies me. The AAM Competition GT1200-R kit is a tremendous piece of engineering: diabolical stupid-fast when you want a pick-me-up and cream puff easy when you just want to relax. Congrats to AAM Competition, they've got something special here" - Michael T. 2013 GT-R

"Great turbo kit I have the AAM Competition GT1200-R setup and love it. Spools up quick, awesome power. Went to track once full street trim street radials ran 157mph not even trying hitting the rev limiter wasting valuable time and MPH. Can't wait to see how the car runs when get drag tires and turn the boost up... The power is ridiculous and no lag... 1192 whp and 977 wtq. Very happy..." - Isaac 2009 GT-R

"After opening all the boxes I was immediately amazed purely on the design of the manifolds and the flow of the rest of the system. Quality second to none! I knew this kit was well thought out and had utilized some real engineering time. Installation started right away and everything bolted on as simple as original equipment" - RD Engineering, GT-R Tuning Facility, Oxnard CA.


  • AAMGTRP-1200RPKG-Sport
  • AAMGTRP-1200RPKG-Sport
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