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Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts

Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mount Set for all Nissan 370Z, GT-R (R35) and Infiniti G37 models. These two motor mounts come fully assembled and ready to install in the same manner as the original mounts. Expect these motor mounts to outlast your vehicle, however they are serviceable in the unlikely event there is ever a need to replace the urethane bushings.

Designed to fill the need for a quality, affordable, upgraded motor mount, the Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts address the failures of OEM Nissan Motor Mounts while offering many appealing advantages. The original OEM Nissan mounts often fail because the rubber bushing is subjected to tension eventually tearing it apart. The rubber bushings in the Z1 motor mounts always work in compression, never in tension, eliminating this mode of failure. Designed in SolidWorks, tested extensively on the street and track and assembled in house, the Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts will be the last set of motor mounts your Z will ever need!

Some of the key features of the Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts include:

  • Energy Suspension Bushings - Z1 Motorsports teamed up with the industry leader in aftermarket performance suspension and drivetrain bushings to create a set of bushings that meet the demands of the 370Z, GTR, and G37 in both fitment, durability and strength, and even increasing overall chassis rigidity.
  • Direct replacement design - Requires NO modifications whatsoever to the vehicle or engine to install.
  • Lower cost - Save some $$$ in comparison to the cost of alternative products on the market including the OEM Nissan replacement mounts.
  • Lightweight - The Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts will shave ~ 2 lbs off of the weight of your vehicle. Every ounce counts in the racing world!
  • Compact design - In comparison to the OEM Nissan Motor Mounts, the Z1 Urethane Motor Mount replacements are smaller in size allowing for increased access around the engine mounts to such components as the A/C Compressor, brackets and turbo chargers.
  • Height adjustable - Due to the design of the Urethane Motor Mounts, the engine mounts can be adjusted for height, if needed, for custom applications or installations. Need a few extra fractions of an inch to clear custom intercooler piping?? These can help you out!
  • Pre-assembled - Assembled in house and set to the factory Nissan engine mount specifications. These motor mounts are ready for installation right out of the box!
  • More direct engine feel - An inherent trait of the 70A durometer Energy Suspension Bushings, the stiffer engine mount bushings provide more driver feedback and feel.
  • Put the power to the ground - The stiffer engine mounts help prevent engine twisting during ON/OFF throttle transitions and launches. This helps transfer more power to the ground, quicker by reducing the amount of energy lost through engine movement.
  • Hassle free, low maintenance design - The body is CNC'd from billet aluminum and the fasteners are Yellow Zinc Coated for corrosion prevention. The shielded design helps reduce the direct exposure of the urethane bushings to the radiant heat emitted from the exhaust manifold or turbo chargers. Serviceability in car - Unlike the factory motor mounts which require removal of various components to access the top motor mount bolt to remove/replace the OEM Motor Mounts. The Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts are 100% serviceable from beneath the vehicle. Simply remove the K-member (Engine Cross member).
  • Rebuildable design - These are the last motor mounts your vehicle will ever need. Why waste money on expensive OEM replacement Motor Mounts that will cost around $340 to replace, when these will last much longer and can even be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost.

  • Z1 Motorsports Solid Aluminum Motor Mounts are also available for race applications.

    Pricing: $198.00


  • Nissan 370Z
  • Nissan GT-R (R35)
  • Infiniti G37
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    • Z1M-37Z/G/R35-UMount
    • Z1M-37Z/G/R35-UMount
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    • 5.0 lbs.
    • W6.0000” x H6.0000” x L6.0000”
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