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AAM Competition GT750-R Turbocharger Upgrade Package Premium


The AAM Competition GT750-R Turbocharger Upgrade Package Premium Consists of:

  • AAM Competition 3" R-Line Intake
  • AAM Competition Turbo Inlet Pipes
  • AAM Competition Resonated Midpipe
  • AAM Competition 3" High Flow Cat Downpipes
  • AAM Competition 90mm Adj Exhaust
  • AAM Competition W/G Actuators
  • AAM Competition GT800R Turbos
  • AAM Competition Upper I/C Pipe Kit w/ Twin BOV's
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • Injector Clips
  • HR 9 Plugs (x6)
  • AAM Competition S-Line Adjustable 1:1 Fuel Pressure Regulator & Line Kit and 340Lph Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit
  • COBB AccessPORT
  • AAM Competition E-Tune
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Sale: $16,380.00
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The AAM Competition GT750R Premium upgrade goes beyond the classic intake and exhaust improvements to bring you impressive power gains from a bolt on kit for your GT-R. This package includes upgraded turbochargers and can be installed without having to change any internal engine components.

We start with the AAM Competition S-Line intake. This easy to install intake brings more air to your engine while retaining perfect drivability. Also included is the AAM Competition Turbo Inlet Pipes to bring much more air to your upgraded turbochargers.

The AAM GT800R Turbo Upgrade is the heart of this package and the key to huge power gains. OEM compression covers and manifolds are prepped using specially designed tooling that insures proper machining with zero deflection. We then install full ball bearing Garrett CHRA cartridges along with larger precision turbine and compressor wheels.

Improving the exhaust flow is always the key to impressive power gains and this package addresses every part of the exhaust system. The AAM Competition high flow catted downpipes open up exhaust right from the turbos. Our proven AAM Competition Resonated Midpipe then goes to the AAM Competition 90MM Adjustable Exhaust. You can adjust the exhaust tone from aggressive to quiet from the driver’s seat, the best of both worlds.

Once those intake and exhaust upgrades are installed, it’s time to improve throttle response and hold more boost from the factory turbochargers all the way to redline. We do this by using the AAM Completion Wastegate Actuators and the AAM Competition Upper Intercooler Piping Kit with HKS blow off valves. The piping kit smoothes out intake flow and the actuators make sure you get all the power the upgraded turbos have to give.

This upgrade will require a larger, reliable fuel supply. The AAM Competition S-Line Adjustable 1:1 Fuel System with Twin Fuel Pumps is included. Your kit also includes new 1000 cc injectors and a fresh set of high performance HKS spark plugs to make the most of these upgrades.

We complete the package with tuning to get optimum performance from these new components. We use the Cobb AccessPort tuner and then do a remote custom tune for you. Our years of tuning experience on hundreds of GTR’s insure you get the results you want from your upgrade package.

You get impressive power gains along with OEM like fitment and the durability you expect from AAM Competition.


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  • AAMGTRP-750RPKG-Premium
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