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AAM Competition STG II R35 GT-R Longblock Engine Package

Up to 1400hp(1200whp)

  • AAMC 95.5mm 9.25:1 Forged Extreme Duty Pistons
  • AAMC I-Beam Forged Rods w/ Upgraded Fasteners
  • AAMC Head Gasket Upgrade
  • OE Nissan Engine Gasket Kit
  • AAMC H11 Head Studs
  • OE Nissan Main Bolts
  • OE Nissan Rod, Main & Thrust Bearings
  • OE Nissan Oil Filter & Crush Washer
  • Preparation for CNC Machining
  • CNC Block Blueprint to Check Trueness
  • CNC Cylinder Hone
  • CNC Engine Rotating Assembly Blueprint & Balance
  • Precision Longblock Assembly (Including Valvetrain and Timing Assembly - Engine will be ready to drop in)
  • Limited Supply
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    - AAMC H11 Main Stud Upgrade -
    - AAMC Oil Pump ISR Treatment -
    - CARR Rod Bolt Upgrade -


    AAM Competition STG II Shorblock - rated up to 1400hp (1200whp)

    AAM Competition, LLC has tested and put many GT-R engines through the passes developing the perfect combination of high quality parts to build the best GT-R engine.  AAM Competition's proprietary engine components provide a balance of reliability and performance.

    Paramount Strength - Finest Components

    To improve the durability of the GT-R's VR38 engine our engineer selected the finest available engine components and developed proprietary engine internals to increase the strength and power.  The combination of engine components are proven to substantially increase the strength of your GT-R's engine. The AAMC StgII forged pistons include an upgraded wrist pin and provide improved oiling and increased ring seal. The AAMC forged rods use upgraded fasteners to protect your bearings at higher torque levels. Upgraded head studs allow the head to stay torqued at the proper level for higher torque applications. The AAMC Upgraded head gasket is multilayer which allows for a superior seal at higher boost levels

    Strength In The Details

    The best engine internals do not simply make a great engine.  Every AAM Competition Shortblock is painstakingly prepared for CNC Machining, the block is checked to ensure trueness, precision race balanced & blueprinted. A stringent assembly process is followed where everything is double checked, tolerances recorded, and full blueprint completed.


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