AAM Competition's GT-R GT900-R Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit Dyno Tested at 850AWHP!

After realizing that we would be facing a serious voltage issue with the factory MAF sensors, we decided to go forward and develop an Upgraded AAM MAF sensor set-up using HPX MAFS. This allowed to move forward with tuning. NO MORE VOLTAGE ISSUES! On our dyno, during less than stellar weather (heavy thunder-storming and high humidity) we the maxed out the 950cc injectors (visible on the graph) at about 850ish whp - 29psi and 7300 Rpm. There is definitely more room to go - the turbos don't want to stop - they were responding more and more as we added every pound of boost. Stay tuned for 32+psi, 1200cc Injectors, AAM Intake Manifold, and a few hundred more rpm on the dyno! This car is capable of 900+ AWHP!

Build Details:

  • AAM CNC Block Machining & CNC Balancing
  • Custom CP Pistons
  • Custom Rings
  • Carillo Rods
  • P&P Head
  • Ferrea Valves
  • Mines Cams

    AAM GT900-R Turbocharger Upgrade

  • Garrett Compressor Covers mated to OE Turbine Housing
  • AAM 3.0" Resonated DPs
  • AAM 3.0"-->3.5" MP
  • AAM 3.5" Premium Adjustable Exhaust
  • AAM Twin Feed Fuel Rail System
  • AAM I/C Pipe Kit (HKS SSQVS)
  • AAM Catch Can/Coolant Reservoir
  • AAM Oil Cooler
  • AAM Trans Cooler
  • AAM Front Diff Cooler
  • AAM 3.0" V2 Intake
  • AAM MAF Sensor Upgrade
  • AAM Intake Manifold (Coming soon)

  • DODSON Circlips
  • DODSON Clutch Baskets & Pistons
  • DODSON Pump Upgrade & Blueprint
  • PPG 1st Gear & Shaft
  • LR-850 Clutches
  • DODSON Trans & DIFF Fluid
  • AAM Consult III Tuning
  • Toyo R888s
  • 950cc Injectors (Being Replaced by 1200ccs Soon)
  • HKS Dual Bank AFK
  • HKS Grounding Kit
  • Samco Hose Kit
  • AAM Tuning
  • GT900RUNC



    AAM Competition GT900-R GT-R Dyno Run from AAM Competition on Vimeo.


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