The next car to come out of the performance import factory at AAM Competition is a 2010 370Z 7AT. This build is unique in a sense that very few car builders anywhere in the US had upgraded an automatic 370Z with forced induction. But having built Twin Turbo automatic HR 350Zs and G37s in the past, we knew we were up to the task. What we ended with was a great street car that is, dare we say, more enjoyable than a traditional manual transmission. We know, blasphemy right? But it's hard to say for sure, and you'd have to drive this car for yourself to know where we are coming from. Maybe some of you will be inclined to built your automatic 370Z in the same fashion. Until that time, these pictures and a short video clip will have to suffice.

Here with the engine finally out, the real work can begin.

Custom mounted Defi gauges are becoming a common face with our forced induction builds. Our customers love the fact that the gauges mount in the factory location, and the gauge face fades to black when the car is turned off. Nissan really should look into that for their next Z car.

What's a sports car without some track inspired wheels? This customer decided on a Advan RS setup. For us, this wheel never goes out of style.

What was the line, "With great power comes great responsibility?" I think Peter Parker's Uncle said that in the Spiderman film, but it really is true. It makes sense to upgrade your brakes when you have a car that's going to be hurling itself into hyperspace at breakneck speeds. You never know when you'll need to haul the car down back to earth. These 6 and 4 piston AP Racing brakes should do the trick.

Nobody likes riding around in a sports car at stock ride height. The monster truck height is great, if you're planning to take your Z off-road. These KW V3 Coils will help us put the car down a bit, enhancing the look of the car with the new Advans as well as improving handling.

This is what we're really here for though, right? These Greddy 20G turbochargers should help the 370Z put down close to 450rwhp. This turbo kit has great power, great fitment, and high quality parts; a prime option for anyone looking to go FI.

These HKS Super Sequential BOVs will be hidden out of sight behind the front bumper. But they'll make their presence known if you build up enough boost pressure. Next time that kid in the Chevy Cavalier tries you on the highway, just give him a little warning hiss to let him know he won't be living out any Fast and Furious fantasies with this one.

The AAM Comp R-Line exhaust is a must for a car flowing this amount of exhaust volume. The factory exhaust or a 2.5" aftermarket exhaust won't let the turbochargers breathe properly, as well as exacerbate heat build up. 3" is a much more efficient option for flowing the increased exhaust gas generated by the turbos.

We'll leave you with some parting shots of the completed car and a video compiling the entire build on YouTube. This automatic transmission holds up surprisingly well given the amount of additional power generated by the engine. Driving this car reminds us of a baby GT-R. It's very quick, shifts well, and it's twin turbocharged. Actually, Nissan should take note and make their next Z car Twin Turbo from the factory. If they can put a turbo in the Juke, they can put a turbo in a Z.


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