The Spring/Summer track season is in full swing, and if you’re thinking about heading down to your local circuit for an HPDE or track day, you might want to consider doing a brake upgrade first. The ability to stop quickly is just as important as accelerating quickly, especially on a race track. The factory GT-R brakes provide excellent stopping power, but poor longevity. It’s not uncommon for GT-R owners to experience brake fade and warped rotors after a hard day on the track. With AAM Competition’s brake upgrade services, you can avoid the headaches of premature brake fail, and focus on pushing the GT-R harder and harder on the track

We start by replacing the factory rotors in favor of AP Racing ‘J Hook’ brake discs. Directional, curved internal vane design that flows substantially more air than the OEM pillar vane design which means lower temps, less fade, less pad and rotor wear. The rotors also provide Crack resistance much greater than that of the OEM drilled design. Currently used in professional motorsport venues such as NASCAR, the J-Hook groove pattern is designed to provide outstanding bite for the pads, while promoting even heating and cooling of the disc face. AP Racing J Hooks are a proven upgrade for GT-Rs performing on the track.

 AAM Competition GT-R Brake Services with AP Racing Rotors

The next part of the upgrade consists of replacing the factory brake pads for high performance pads from Endless. Ceramics are known to be one of the most vital and essential compounds that influence braking capacity. Every material has been carefully chosen for the MX72 in order to produce minimal noise and dust while producing high friction at lower temperatures. The MX72 improves upon the ever-popular CC-X compound in that braking stability is improved at higher temperatures. And yet, the MX72 actually decreases rotor wear. Even pedal feel, which is already typically great with semi-metallic material pads, was further improved upon. These pads will perform exceptionally well on the track, without sacrificing day to day driving comfort. We also offer the full line-up of Ferodo, Carbotech and Pagid brake pads so no matter what your braking needs are, we've got you covered.

 AAM Competition GT-R Brake Services with AP Racing Rotors

Lastly, the inadequate factory brake fluid is addressed. Even before rotors or pads begin to go, factory brake fluid often reaches it's boiling point, making brake feel in the pedal less and less responsive. You'll notice you have to begin braking earlier and earlier before the apex of turns, which will cause your lap times to being to increase. Flushing out factory brake fluid in favor of a racing brake fluid is a must for weekend racers. Motul are famous for their synthetic automotive lubricants, and their RBF600 racing brake fluid is among the best on the market. With an extremely high boiling point of approximately 325°C / 617°F , it maintains adequate pressure in your brake lines during heavy track use.

AAM Competition GT-R Brake Services with AP Racing Rotors

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