AAM Competition GT900-R Turbo Upgrade Package: The term 'social proof' is used to descripe the actions of people who assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for any given situation.  To put it in simplier terms, monkey see, monkey do.  Despite this phrase's historically negative associations with human actions, sometimes following the crowd is a good thing.  Take this R35 GT-R for instance.  After researching many of the other GT900-R upgraded R35s completed by the tuning powerhouse AAM Competition, this GT-R owner made the decision to go with a GT900-R upgrade of his own.  That decision led to be one of the best upgrades he's done yet for his GT-R.

 Working with the GT-Rs since they were first released to the US consumer a few years ago, AAM Competition have become extremely efficient at these turbo upgrade packages.  With parts on the shelf, it only takes a week or two for any GT-R to undergo a most dramatic change from a reasonably mannered factory sports car to a land rocket that will quite literally take your breath away. 


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