We recently had a customer drop by with his brand new ’12 Black Edition GT-R looking to improve the performance. Factory turbochargers would remain in place, but intake and exhaust components were to be replaced, as well as minor upgrades to the factory fuel system.


  • AAM Competition 3 Inch Turbo Intakes
  • AAM Competition Race Turbo Downpipes
  • AAM Competition High Flow Catted Midpipe
  • AAM Competition Sports Exhaust
  • HKS Superfire Spark Plugs
  • Injector Dynamics 1,000cc Fuel Injectors
  • Cobb AccessPort Dyno Tuning Session



Upgrading the exhaust system si one of the most efficient ways of extracting power from the VR38DETT. Like most turbocharged vehicles, they benefit tremendously from free flowing exhaust. Improving exhaust flow allows the turbochargers to spin more freely, thus helping the engine produce more power. The sound of the GT-R is vastly improved during this process as well.


Fuel and ignition were upgraded as well. Colder Heat Range HKS Superfire Spark Plugs were installed, along with massive 1,000cc fuel Injectors from Injector Dynamics.


After a dyno and road tuning session using the Cobb AccessPORT, total power output was increased from 450awhp to 563awhp and 572 ft lbs torque. Not bad for basic intake and exhaust upgrades! Dyno video to follow soon.


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