Installing the factory LED Daytime Running Lamps on a GT-R is relatively quick and easy. Because it is an optional factory part, all OEM LED Lamp kits come with all the necessary components to bolt the lights seamlessly to a factory GT-R front bumper. For any GT-R owner out there who is longing for that final touch to the front fascia of their car, they need look no further than this OEM+ modification.

Here's how our GT-R started the day-a wet, but otherwise clean, factory Super Silver GT-R. The owner's original plan was to retro-fit 2012 GT-R driving lamps into the front bumper, but after discovering the ease of installation of the OEM LED lamps from the first gen models, he chose this option.

The front fenders are masked off at the mounting points... make sure that there are no accidents when reinstalling the front bumper. An extra step worth taking to keep the car leaving the facility the same way it came in.

These metal brackets were provided by Nissan Japan, and align perfect mounting points for the LED Lamps. You can't get much more precise than factory.

The factory pigtails make wiring incredibly easy. You can setup the lamps to be active constantly while the ignition is on, or in this case, we've wired the lamps to come on with the intermediate lights in the headlamps. They activate when the headlamps are turned to the full ON position as well.

Almost there! These lights almost look as good off as they do turned on.


This photo really doesn't do the lamps justice, they are truly bright LED lamps. You'll be hard to miss coming down the road with these turned on.

And the completed project. Not bad for less than 4 hours of work. The LED Driving Lamps add just a subtle touch to the front of the GT-R. It's not everyone's preference (the main reason it's a factory option), but to us, it's just enough to make the car stand out.


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