At AAM Competition we saw the need for a factory replacement 370z midpipe, the goal was for the end user to retain the Nissan rear muffler (stock or Nismo) while having the benefit of a better flowing exhaust. One of the other goals was to make a replacement mid section that also interfaced with our Short tails. Our midpipe picked up +22 wheel hp and +20 ft lbs of torque on a stock 370z with only AAM Competition S-line Short Tails!

The goal:

  • 2.5" H Pipe and 2.5" Resonator mid pipes to bolt onto short tails or stock rear section
  • This set up mating to short tails WILL be loud
  • This set up mating to stock rear section should be close to stock

The purpose:

  • Upgraded Y and Mid section 2.5" vs the stock 2.25"
  • For those who have Short Tails and want to complete the catback
  • For those who want to upgrade their cat back but want to keep sound to the minimal with their stock muffler

The result:

With the AAM S-Line Ti-Tip Short tails

Baseline is with the S-line Short Tails (in Red) Final pull is with S-line midpipe and short tails, untuned (in Blue)


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