AAM Competition R35 GT-R Premium Adjustable Exhaust


  • Variable volume exhaust system allows for adjustments in exhaust sound
  • Exhaust note can be adjusted anywhere from quiet mode (closed) to  race  mode (open), or anywhere in between
  • Little to no drone in either modes
  • Quiet when you need it; loud when you want it
  • Capable of 900+AWHP
  • 90mm 3.5” straight through design
  • Precision TIG welded T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Available in 5” S/S polished tips or titanium burnt tips
  • All hardware included
  • Made in the USA

AAM Competition GT-R 90mm Premium Adjustable Exhaust is quiet when you need it, and loud when you want it. At the flip of a switch our exhaust system can go from quiet mode to race mode. This system will give you incredible flow, tested at 900+ wheel horsepower by significantly reducing exhaust backpressure. Mandrel bend and hand welded right here in our US facility, AAM Competition GT-R 90mm Adjustable Exhaust features T-304 stainless steel piping and a specially designed 3.5” stainless racing muffler.

The stock GT-R exhaust is equipped with only 2 resonators with no true source of sound control. Tuners after upgrading their downpipe and midpipe will  notice a significant increase in sound… all the time. This exhaust system while on quiet mode is as quiet as a stock GT-R system, even after upgrading downpipes and midpipe! With the valve closed all exhaust gasses are channeled through the race muffler in the rear, deadening the maximum amount of exhaust gasses as possible, giving you the quiet mode. With the valve opened, this exhaust system truly opens up releasing the exotic notice of the VR38DETT. If it’s too quiet on quiet mode or too loud on race mode, the switch allow users to adjust between the two extremes. You want a loud exhaust system, but hate dreading the road drone all the time? AAM Competition 90mm Premium Adjustable Exhaust system is truly the best of both worlds!


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Made In U.S.A.

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