As popular as the AAM Competition S-LINE Short Tails have been for base model 370z, we felt as if we were neglecting the Nismo crowd. While for the base model, the tips give a very sleek and stockish look, however with the more aggressive Nismo rear end, these tips seemed to almost get lost in the huge bumper cut out. We've decided, why not, let's try the 5" tips we use on our AAM Competition GT-R exhaust systems, and see what it looks like on a Nismo?! Well nothing but good news came out of it, the tips fit perfectly and is sized proportionally to the Nismo rear bumper. No design changes in the Short Tails themselves, the Nismo edition simply comes with 5" (larger) tips vs the base model Short Tails

For more information on the short tails themselves: please click below;

AAM Competition S-LINE Short Tails Nismo Fitment (Polished tips)

AAM Competition S-LINE Short Tails Nismo Fitment (Titanium burnt tips)

Polished tips:




Titanium burnt tips:




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