While the Nissan R35 GT-R makes a substantial amount of power from factory, it is almost impossible to keep the car completely stock. It always starts with "well I'm just going to do this one thing and that's it!" Ever since I owned my first car, I don't know how many times I've said that to myself, but I know it's never true! The "Mod Bug" always gets the best of us, but that's why we call it a hobby! Khalifa's 2009 Nissan GT-R came through our doors with an AMS Alpha 6+ package, meaning the car is putting out a good chunk of power over stock, while retaining the factory turbos. His transmission build begins with our Stage 1 package, but finished with the addition of upgraded FWD clutch packs. Depending on how the owner drives the car, whether it's just a weekend warrior, drag car, road race car, or a street monster, over time the GR6 transmission will begin to show wear, even at complete stock power levels.The beauty of the Stage 1 package is the stock-like driveability, while the shifts do feel slightly firmer over stock, you do not lose the daily driveability of the GT-R.

Here at AAM Competition, we offer 4 different transmission packages with all different torque level ratings. While each package is designed to meet a certain torque threshold, all packages can be customized to meet the customers goals, wants and/or needs. We understand that not every GT-R is a drag car or road race car, so our professional techs and sales staff consult with each customer to make sure they are given the most suitable transmission package.

AAM Competition GT-R GR6 Stage 1 Transmission Upgrade (650 ft/lbs torque)

  • PPG HD First Gear and Input Shaft
  • DODSON Super Stock 7 Plate 650ft/lbs Clutch Upgrade
  • 14 Exedy GT-R friction discs
  • 12 Exedy GT-R steels
  • 4 Exedy End Shims
  • DODSON HD FWD Gear Lock
  • DODSON HD Mechanical Circlip (Main Shaft)
  • DODSON HD Mechanical Circlip (Cluster Shaft)
  • DODSON Oil Pump Upgrade & Blueprint
  • DODSON O-Ring Kit
  • DODSON Piston Shaft Seals
  • DODSON High Strength Magnet Kit
  • DODSON Re-Usable Transmission Filter
  • Nissan GT-R Threebond 1217H
  • Nissan GR6 Transmission Pan Gasket
  • Internal Transmission Labor: Clutch & Gearbox Dis-Assembly & Assembly for STGI Install

The list is seperated to show the difference between each package. The bolded portion specifies the stage 1 package, where everything below comes standard in all of the packages!


AAM Competition Stage 1 Transmission Package




OEM vs Dodson friction discs



OEM first gear/input shaft vs PPG first gear/input shaft


Couple shots of Khalifa's GT-R on the lift with the transmission pulled



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