Without a doubt the 350z is a monster from factory and those that are lucky enough to own one can't help but get bit with the "Mod Bug" rather quickly. One aftermarket piece after another, the Z responds very well to all modifications, whether it be engine, suspension, or aesthetics. One major set back with the VQ35DE is the overly conservative tune from factory. After a few breathing mods to the car, one could expect a decent pick up in power; however to balance everything out and maximize each bolt on's potential, an UpRev tune is HIGHLY recommended. Though some say well, it only gains so and so. This isn't quite the case, as we mentioned in a previous article, it's all about the "power under the curve". The added torque gains is what is truely felt during normal day to day driving. These custom tunes really make it great for better fuel efficiency, better throttle response, and a solid pick up in gains throughout the whole power band. After equipping the car with all the bolt ons, for $599, this might come in as one of the best bang for the buck mods (dollar to power ratio!)

Talha's car is essentially complete as far as bolt ons go with the exception of aftermarket headers. Many skip this step due to the strenuous labor involved in installing them; although they are proven to make power, the cost of the headers + installation typically stray your average N/A set up to skip this step and go straight to the tune. After a custom dyno tune by us via UpRev, Talha's car left the shop with an additional +24 whp and +30 wtq


  • Z1 motorsport test pipes
  • Stillen catback exhaust
  • Kinetix intake manifold (newer version)
  • Stillen intake
  • AAM Competition UpRev Dyno tune


Baseline: 233 whp & 213 wtq

After dyno tuning: 257 whp & 243 wtq



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