Many of us in the car enthusiast world love babying our prized vehicle(s). Some name them, some put them before their loved ones, some even consider it their bf/gf or signifncant other but without a doubt, most of us spend a lot of time driving it! The type of driving varies throughout the the community, but nothing gets more exciting than getting behind the wheel of a car you've poured countless blood, sweat, and tears out for. They say modding cars is an expensive hobby and quite the money pit, well I don't disagree one bit! We baby our cars so much that some of them don't even see the light of day during the winter months with the rainy days, snow days, etc. Once the weather begins to pick up , nothing feels greater than getting back behind the wheel, especially once the days begin to get longer, and you're able to drive around with the windows down again!

I've had the pleasure of working with Shelton for the last 7 months I've been with the company, and there isn't one thing about this guy and/or his car that doesn't put a smile on my face. Shelton is a true car enthusiast, I mean he even drives his Z around with racing gloves! However, don't let that fool you as his twin turbo z is pushing out over 500 HP, and is nothing to be messed around with out on the streets. If there is one person you want to ask if they're ready for the 2013 car season, it would be Shelton. As soon as February hit, Shelton called me to schedule in a tune up, even at such low miles (22,000), he went ahead and opted for all new fluids along with spark plugs. This is a prime example of "babying your baby!"

Shelton, on behalf of the AAM Competition Staff, we thank you for your continuous support since 2010 and participation in sponsored events including car shows, car meets, and drag events representing AAM Competition!

Click here for more information on Shelton's TT Nismo 350z Build









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