ZDayZ X 2013

The cars bring you the first time, the people bring you back for the rest of your life. Like I always say, there are two types of people in this world - those that are addicted to ZDayZ, and those that haven't been yet.

– Todd Weld



ZDayZ X is now officially in the past; however the memories will last forever.  Todd’s quote couldn’t sum up the experience any better. It’s tough to admit, I’m only 1 year in; ZDayZ is an addiction! I cannot wait to do this all over again in 2014. To say the overall trip was fun is truly an understatement. From the 18+ hours behind the wheel, putting faces behind forum names, partying with the community’s finest, and consuming countless “adult” beverages, ZDayZ X is going in the books as one of the most memorable trips of my life!


The drive to Fontana
there are only so many hours in the day, I knew I was there from Thursday to Sunday, and had a 9 hour trip, each way. How was I going to make the most out of this trip? Simple, don’t sleep! The journey began at 7pm Wednesday night, after a small 2 hour nap in the car, and breaks here and there. Fontana was within reach by 8am Thursday morning. The drive was simply beautiful, as the sunrise began to light up the slew of mountain ranges.  Running on fumes from an overnight drive with only a 2 hour nap in the car, the shenanigans began…


I didn’t know what to expect
everyone kept telling me this is one big party. Driving around the village I noticed some of the cleanest and sickest looking G/Z from all generations. I was already amazed, but where was everyone? Wait.. it’s only 8:30am. Well this didn’t stop me, I sat on the porch with Frank and we began to drink. “Let’s kill a bottle of wine before we go register” Frank eagerly ready to start partying. Let me just say, it never ends at just one bottle. Day drinking = dangerous. The atmosphere was very friendly, everyone who drove by waved and we waved back.. Slowly but surely, the day passes and drink after drinks were consumed and I still wasn’t sure what to expect…


Cabin #537
our goal was simple, this NEEDS to be the party cabin. After the first night Frank and I both met a handful of friends who we all just met for the first time in person. We kept radio’ing every channel, “Cabin 537 for a good time” sounds dirty, but I think we lived up the hype! I won’t go into details as to what all went down at Cabin 537, and leave it to those who experienced it to tell the stories! At this point, no more friendly waves were being passed, roars of “HAPPY ZDAYZ!” was the new way of saying Hey, come party! 3 nights of calling it a wrap at 4am, I think we successfully turned this cabin into quite the party house.


The Dragon… among other roads
although my Subaru did not come equipped, I managed to smoke my brakes before even arriving to Fontana on the road in (Rt 28). I knew for a fact it wasn’t safe or a good idea to drive the Dragon or do the Poker Run. Thanks to Nina for letting me ride shotgun during the Poker Run, hence the abundance in pictures of her Amuse 370z! I’ve always pushed the idea of, if you’re an enthusiast, take your car to the track (road course), drag racing may be fun but pushing your car to its limits on the twisties is much more entertaining! Well in 138 miles of the Poker Run, if you’re unable to figure out your cars’ limits then you need toease on braking early and put a little more trust into your car! Riding shotgun was quite the experience. 2014, I’m coming equipped!


After all said and done
the drive home was a combination of being hungover, missing the new friends, dreading the 9 hour drive home, and most of all, wishing I was still at Fontana. 9pm Sunday, my Subaru clocked 1238 miles for the whole trip, and 18+ hours behind the wheel. Would I do it again? In a heart beat! I’ll see all of you guys at ZDayZ XI 2014!


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