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AAM Competition GT-R GR6 Transmission Brace


Annapolis Junction, MD - 5/21/2013 - On the road to big power you find yourself upgrading many of your GT-R's stock components. As you increase your R35's power level, numerous internal components need upgrading to withstand the stress of added torque. Higher torque takes its toll on the GT-R's factory GR6 transmission including the transmission case itself. The flexing of the differential section can weaken the cast aluminum transmission case and over time causes internal components to shift and bind.  Under higher torque levels this section of the case wants to twist off  - the casting is simply not designed for such stress.  


Added protection through improving rigidity and support

R35 GR6 Transmission Brace

 AAM Competition, LLC engineered a transmission brace that adds reinforcement to the OEM transmission raising the threshold of failure. The AAM Competition GT-R GR6 Transmission Brace uses thick 1/4" stainless steel to tie into the transmission at strategic locations, adding rigidity between the main casing and the section where the differential is housed. This design reduces the load on the transmission's aluminum casings, the stress of high torque levels, and the shock from launching or hard shifts.




The AAM Competition GT-R GR6 Transmission Brace is a must have addition for any R35 owner seeking 700+ horsepower levels.


R35 GR6 Transmission BraceSummary of Features:


  • T-304 Stainless Steel construction - 1/4" thick all the way around
  • CMM measured and CAD designed for OEM fitment and compatibility
  • Precision laser cut components
  • TIG welded for strength and accuracy
  • Simple one piece design
  • Strategic attachment points for reinforcement of transmission
  • Made in the USA


MSRP $599 


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