As fast as the GT-R may be from factory, those that are fortunate enough to own one will most likely tell you, it is not fast enough. Michael’s passion and hobby didn’t allow him to keep this GT-R stock. With a collection of fast cars, including a fully built Civic SI putting out over 700+ hp, it didn’t surprise me that Michael was ready to start tinkering with his GT-R. With less than 3,000 miles on the clock Michael knew the stock power delivery of his 2013 GT-R was simply not enough. Without hesitation, we knew the perfect set up for Michael would be our complete GT800R upgrade, which included GT800R turbos with an array of AAM Competition bolt ons, electronics, and tuning.

July 2012, Michael’s GT-R checked in at AAM Competition with 2,811 miles and was ready to become one of New York’s finest street driven GT-R. The parts were ready, the goals were clear, and the objectives were within reach; AAM Competition was ready to turn Michael’s stock 2013 GT-R into one reliable, fast, and  most importantly, fun GT-R. On a stock motor and transmission, Michaels’ GT-R put down 654 whp (respectively 760 crank hp) with our GT800R package on a very conservative 93 pump gas tune. If an additional 200 crank hp over factory doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what will! This bump in power kept a smile on Michaels face, but was very well short lived! With Michael’s cravings for the constant need for speed, we knew the GT-R would be back sooner than later.

Less than a year later, March 2013, AAM Competition got the pleasure to retune Michael’s GT-R, however this time on E85. If E85 is readily available, and your fuel system can support the necessary additional volume, this fuel option is a no brainer; FREE power! With the additional torque from the E85 tune, we knew it was better safe than sorry to go ahead and drop Michael’s transmission and upgrade him to AAM Competition’s Stage 3 transmission build which included Dodson’s Sportmans Alloy clutch kit, PPG’s 1st gear/input shaft, and so forth. So with a slight bump in boost and change in fuel, the retune left Michael’s GT-R at 754 whp and 687 ft lbs of torque, netting almost 100 whp and 50 ft lbs of torque over the pump gas tune! Michael’s GT-R is now shy of 900 crank hp, which is almost an additional 350 crank hp from factory; however less than 1 month after leaving AAM Competition, Michael is already entertaining the thought of our GT1200 turbos along with a full engine build. If there’s one thing that Michael and I share, it’s the greed for more power, at which the sky is the limit!

Turbo Kit:

  • AAM Competition GT800-R turbos
  • AAM Competition GT800-R line kit and coolant manifold block
  • AAM Competition High pressure wastegate actuators
  • AAM Competition Turbo inlets
  • AAM Competition 3” R-LINE intakes
  • AAM Competition Front Mount Intercooler
  • AAM Competition Full Intercooler Piping kit with dual TiAL QR blow off valves
  • AAM Competition 3” Race downpipes
  • AAM Competition 3” to 3.5” Resonated midpipe
  • AAM Competition 3.5” Premium adjustable exhaust


  • AAM Competition Stage 3 Transmission build
    • PPG HD First Gear and Input Shaft
    • Super HD clutch basket for 1,3,5,R
    • Super HD clutch basket for 2,4,6
    • HD piston and "seal for life" for 1,3,5,R
    • HD piston and "seal for life" for 2,4,6 and mechanical circlip
    • High Temp piston shaft seals
    • 16 Exedy GT-R friction discs
    • 14 Exedy GT-R steels
    • 4 Exedy End Shims
    • DODSON HD FWD Gear Lock
    • DODSON HD Mechanical Circlip (Main Shaft)
    • DODSON HD Mechanical Circlip (Cluster Shaft)
    • DODSON Oil Pump Upgrade & Blueprint
    • DODSON O-Ring Kit
    • DODSON Piston Shaft Seals
    • DODSON High Strength Magnet Kit
    • DODSON Re-Usable Transmission Filter
    • Nissan GT-R Threebond 1217H
    • Nissan GR6 Transmission Pan Gasket
    • GReddy DCT Transmission Cooler Kit


  • AAM Competition S-LINE Fuel system with twin intank pumps
  • AAM Competition Fuel transfer kit
  • ID1000cc Injectors
  • HKS Spark Plugs


  • AAM Competition R-MAF sensors
  • Cobb AP NIS 006


  • Custom E85 and pump gas tune by Mike at AAM Competition


  • Project Mu B-FORCE Front brake pads
  • Project Mu B-FORCE Rear brake pads


  • AAM Competition complete sound deadening package
  • AAM Competition complete vehicle detail


Red line = E85 Tune
Blue line = 93 pump gas Tune


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