AAM Competition GT-R Oil Catch Can System

The AAM Competition R35 GT-R Oil Catch Can System is an oil/air separator, designed to extract oil vapor out of the crankcase before it gets sucked into the intakes. Oil in the intake tract will get into the cylinders and affects ignition and fuel mixture. Excessive oil in the cylinders can cause detonation. Filtering this oil and moisture out of the PCV system keeps the intake system clean and increases long term reliability of your motor.

In efforts to create a better PCV and oil separation system, AAM Competition explored the OEM design and found shortfalls with engine dynamics under higher boost levels. With the OEM setup, cars showed signs of excessive oil in the charge piping, often around the engine bay where the blow off valves vent to atmosphere. Oil was also found in the intercooler as well as the intake manifold. This is especially present in vehicles running higher boost pressures.

A Simple turn-key solution. Easy Installation with Pre-assembled lines and fittings, one canister, one bracket.

The AAM Competition R35 GT-R Oil Catch Can is designed in CAD and CFD tested to ensure that oil vapors have ample time to condensate and settle in the canister before the air stream continues to the intake. The canister is made of 3 pieces and is fully CNC machined from aircraft aluminum. Cavities inside the canister direct air flow and effectively tumble and separate the oil. The three pieces are sealed with Viton o-rings and all ports are AN spec with o-ring seals.

The AAM Competition R35 GT-R Oil Catch Can is a simple turn-key solution that comes pre-assembled with lines, fittings, brackets and all the necessary hardware for easy installation. By utilizing all OEM ports, plumbing is made simple. For higher boost setups, the system improves the overall health of the engine, filtering oil out of the intake tract and equalizing crank case pressures. Cleaner charge piping yields healthier air/fuel mixtures with a decrease in contamination. This system will provide you with optimum performance and increase long term reliability.

Summary of features:

  • Separates and Filters Oil - keeping intake air clean
  • CAD Designed and CFD Tested
  • Increase in Long Term Reliability
  • Billet Aluminum Body
  • 304SS Mounting and Hardware
  • CNC Machined, CNC Laser Cut and Bent
  • Bolt-on Application - no modifications/easy installation
  • Pre-assembled High Grade Goodridge Lines and AN Fittings
  • Full Hardware Kit - everything you need for installation
  • Unique Air Channeling and Baffling - filters and separates oil and air effectively
  • Auto drain back option
  • Made in the USA

AAM Competition GT-R Oil Catch Can System

AAM Competition LIMITED BLACK EDITION GT-R Oil Catch Can System


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