During the last 12 months I've had the pleasure to meet many members from MAZOC who I consider much more than just "customers" These enthusiast bring more to the table than just being a group of gearheads. They are far from a cult with strict rules and initiation/hazing, but they are organized enough to know how to have a blast, both car related events and/or after hour ventures (I'll leave it at that!!)

Although I don't drive a 370z, these guys gave me the warmest welcome to all their events. Fellowship and community outreach is extremely important part of my life, and who else better to do it with than a bunch of like-minded "gearheads"! It's always a blast hanging out with these guys and I honestly wish I had more time in the day to do so. The best way I can thank them for their continual support is by offering sponsored discounts, yes $$$ signs are always good!

Official sponsored discounts for MAZOC members:

  • 15%-20% off MSRP on all AAM Competition parts
  • 10% off service/labor
  • $99 baseline dyno pulls with AFR (3 power pulls)
  • Continual technical and customer support
  • Local event promotion and marketing

All members are given a MAZOC members card, no members card = no discount!

So how do you get these MAZOC discounts? Well you need to become a member of MAZOC first. The rules are simple and the guidelines are set!  Check out MAZOC"s website and register now to become a member!

I'd like to thank Steve, president of MAZOC, for allowing us to extend a huge thank you to the whole club and most importantly all the MAZOC members for your awesome continual support!


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