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AAM Competition GT600-R Power Package


The GT600-R power package was put together and designed to safely maximize the GT-R's stock fuel system while increasing your GT-R’s power output to about 600 crank HP on 93 octane pump gas (510-530+ WHP). This is the perfect entry level power package, which we love to call, best-bang-for-the-buck package! GT-R's can see anywhere between 80-120+ crank HP gains (70-100+ WHP). Power output may vary between different model year GT-Rs

AAM Competition GT600-R Power Package Includes:

  • AAM Competition 3" R-Line Intake
  • AAM Competition 3.5" Non- Resonated Midpipe
  • COBB AccessPORT NIS 005
  • AAM Competition E-Tune
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Intake options:
  • AAM Competition S-Line 2.75” intake– While keeping similar diameter to the stock intakes, the beauty of the S-Line intakes is they do not require any recalibration of the MAF sensors. No tune is required with these intakes. However for the bigger builds or any of these packages we highly recommend the R-Line 3” intakes to maximize any potential gains as you will be getting a tune with your package anyways. The recalibration of your stock MAF sensors allows for a more precise and accurate tune for higher horsepower builds.

  • Turbo Inlet options:
  • AAM Competition Turbo Inlets– Model year 2009 to 2011 GT-R’s factory turbo inlets bottle neck to a very small diameter before hitting the turbo. With this bottle neck, you are limiting the ability of your turbo to properly breathe. Upgraded turbo inlets has a much wider diameter at the outlet which makes them highly recommended for 2009-2011 GT-Rs

  • Midpipe options:
  • AAM Competition 90mm resonated midpipe– This midpipe was designed with dual resonators to battle and capture certain exhaust frequencies that are related to and cause road drone. The resonated midpipe is highly recommended for those that would like to keep road drone to a minimal or those who plan on upgrading their downpipes and rear exhaust in the future. As exhaust volume increases, inevitably road drone will as well
  • AAM Competition 90mm catted midpipe– Similar in design to the resonated midpipe, in this midpipe, we used high flow cats instead of resonators. Perfect for those who do not want to run a catless system because they do not like dealing with the fuel smell or need to pass certain emissions regulations. We use 200-cell cores which we found to have the best combination of flowing and filtering.

  • ECU options:
  • Cobb AP NIS 006– highly recommended for GT-R’s model year 2009-2012 with the older Launch Control software. With Cobb AP NIS 006, users now have the ability to switch to the most up to date Launch Control software or have their tuner tune older Launch Control software to their liking. Most GT-R owners will admit that the drivability of the car is much smoother and enjoyable with LC5 and on, which started in 2013. The transmission tuning side of the Cobb is essential for higher HP builds. Users will gain the ability to reflash the Transmission Control Module to enhance launch control, perform factory gear learning, adjust clutch capacity and clutch touch points.

  • Tuning option:
  • In house dyno tune– while e-tuning can give you near perfect results, this requires the user to go back and forth with the tuner, which can take days, weeks, months, depending on many variables. With an e-tune, the user must provide data logs. This requires them to do several highway pulls, from which the data points get logged, sent in and revised by our tuner. This process goes back and forth until the results are near perfect, again which can take some time. In house dyno tunes turnaround time are typically a few hours and does not require users to do highway pulls, log data, send them in, wait for revisions, and much more from an e-tune!
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    2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R


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